Bureau of Investigation Directives

Automated License Plate Reader Data Access

Office policy and procedures for use, oversight of Automated License Plate Reader data.

Bureau Use of Force

Bureau of Investigation Directives Manual.

Control Devices and Techniques

Bureau of Investigation Directives Manual.

Military Equipment

Office policy and procedures for use of military equipment.

Legal and Case Prosecution Policies

Legal & Case Prosecution Policy

Office legal and case prosecution policy directives adopted and currently effective.

Citizen Complaint Form

Every citizen has the right to lodge a complaint against the Office of the District Attorney, or any individual member employed by the District Attorney.  Initial complaints can be made by telephone or in writing using our Citizen Complaint Form.  Complaint forms are available at the public counters of all District Attorney buildings or here (see button to the right).

Completed forms may either be delivered, or mailed to:

Bureau of Investigation
Office of the District Attorney
901 G Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 874-6218