Driving Under the Influence Treatment Court (DUITC)

The Driving Under the Influence Treatment Court (DUITC) was implemented in October 2017 to target high-risk repeat DUI offenders.  DUITC is a collaborative effort between the District Attorney’s Office, Sacramento Superior Court, Probation Department, Department of Health and Human Services – Behavioral Health Division and Alcohol and Drug Services, Public Defender’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, and community-based providers.

The goals of the program are to keep communities safe, to have participants maintain sobriety, and to reduce recidivism among the DUI repeat offenders that will lead to a decrease in alcohol-related collisions, injuries, and fatalities. The voluntary program utilizes the drug court model and strives to change the offenders’ thinking and behaviors around substance use and will hold them accountable by offering treatment, supervision, and frequent court appearances.

The program components consist of treatment (individual and group counseling), regular attendance at self-help meetings (such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous), random drug testing, case management services, and probation supervision.  The program will also assist with obtaining education, skills, and mental health assessments and will provide referrals for vocational training, education and/or job placement services.  The program’s length is determined by the participant’s progress, but is a minimum of 1 year.

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