CSEC (Commercial Sexually Exploited Children) Court

This collaborative court began as a result of concerns shared by the District Attorney’s Office and the Public Defender’s Office that children who were being sexually exploited had specific needs that were not being addressed.

This grass roots effort was completely embraced by the Juvenile Court and as a result expanded to include the Probation Department, the UC Davis Children’s Hospital CAARE Center and the non-profit behavioral health treatment center Another Choice Another Chance.  The CSEC Court is designed to have a positive impact on personal and public safety, accountability, mental health stability and enrollment in school or gainful employment opportunities for these youth.   Every child in the program is provided with trauma based cognitive therapy.

Several new programs have emerged as a result of this partnership, including a parent support group, the Adult Deferred Entry of Judgment program, and the Human Trafficking Task Force. Effort is focused on connecting community based organizations with victims and creating trust within our agencies to continue to fight the battle against human trafficking.