Neighborhood Nuisance Abatement Questionnaire

Please complete a separate form per encampment.

For a printable PDF version please click here

Have you been affected by a homeless encampment? If so, where is it currently located within the City of Sacramento:

#1) What is your name, address, email and phone number?

#2) Have you been affected by this homeless encampment?

#3) Have you observed any activity that you would describe as illegal (including but not limited to assault, theft, narcotics offenses) or as nuisance activity (i.e., obstructing a sidewalk, burning material on any pavement, illegal dumping) at or near the encampment?

Has anyone threatened, intimidated, or harassed you while at or near the encampment?

#4) Did you report this to 911?

If YES, did the police respond?

#5) Have you reported this to 311?

If YES, did anyone respond?

#6) Have you ever contacted an elected official about the conditions?

#7) If you have children, staff members or customers do you feel it is safe around the property?

#8) Do you think the subject property in its present condition has a negative impact on the neighborhood?

#9) Do you think this subject property has a reputation in the community for being unsafe or dangerous?

#10) If needed, are you willing to sign a written declaration prepared by the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office to be filed with the Superior Court?

#11) Any other comments?