New! Episode 52: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Involving Prescription/Mixed Drugs

Description: Discussion on DUI involving prescription and mixed drugs, and how to avoid driving while having an unintentional or intentional adverse reaction to prescription medicines and/or other drugs.

Show Notes:  Lead Deputy District Attorney Greg Hayes, Supervising Criminalist Craig Triebold and CHP Officer Travis Herbert participate in a discussion on DUIs involving prescription medicines and mixed drugs.

Officer Herbert talks about the challenge of identifying DUIs as a result of prescription and/or other drugs. They are general impairment arrests, with cause of impairment to be determined by the Crime Lab.

Supervising Criminalist Triebold explains what the Crime Lab is seeing when analyzing DUI cases, specifically with prescription drugs and mixed drugs.  He gives the top 10 most prevalent drugs found and identified some of the brand name prescription drugs often found in DUI cases.

Lead Deputy DA Hayes explains the penal codes and different charges for DUI. He also talks about the difference between charging for DUI involving alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs and/or mixed drug use.  He goes on to talk about potential sentences for the different charges.  He then talks about some types of DUI cases the District Attorney’s Office is currently prosecuting, including those involving prescription medicines.

The group shares their advice on how to avoid adverse reactions to prescription medicines, the effects of medicines and knowing when it’s not safe to drive.  The three share the common messages of talk to your doctor about medicines they prescribe and ask questions about their side effects and adverse reactions.  Also, talk to your pharmacist and take advantage of the consultations they provide.  Finally, the lasting advice is if you don’t feel right, don’t drive.

Those who intentionally misuse prescription medications should know there are significant changes to the effects on the brain and body then when used properly. These changes can significantly impact the ability to drive.  Those who intentionally abuse prescription meds and drives impaired will be arrested and prosecuted.


US Food & Drug Administration – Taking Medicine as Prescribed

National Institute on Drug Abuse – Prescription Medicines

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