Episode 4: DNA Hit To Cold Case Prosecution: UC Davis Sweetheart Murders (pt. 3)

Description: How the cold case prosecution for the 1980 murders of two UC Davis students unfolded over 30+ years.  Part 3 talks through the trial – from evidence presented, including a suicide note, to witnesses to closing arguments and then – the jury’s verdict.

Show Notes:  Bladet talks through the trial process – from the many pre-trial motions, evidence presented, to witnesses testimony to closing arguments and when the case went to the jury.

Evidence included a suicide note from Richard Hirschfield’s brother, Joseph.  Garverick explains the story behind Joseph, his suicide, the note he left for his wife and reads excerpts from the note.   Bladet explains how she was able to get a redacted version of the note into evidence, which is rare, and how it also created a “dual edge” by admitting it.

Find out if the jury convicts, on what charges and how long it took them to return their verdict.  Bladet shares how she and the Riggins and Gonsalves families felt after the verdict was read.

This case was featured on 48 Hours (https://www.cbsnews.com/video/the-sweetheart-murders-3/).

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