Episodes 23, 24, 25: Youth Vaping: DA, School Official, Doctors and Students Sound Off On A Public Health, Safety Crisis (3-Part Series) 

In order starting with Part 1, Episode 23 –

Description: DA Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento County Board of Education Trustee Karina Talamantes, Dr. Tiffany Heckendorn from UC Davis Health, Dr. Virginia Barrow, and Dr. Clarisse Glen from Kaiser Permanente and local high school students discuss the issue of youth vaping from each of their perspectives.

Show Notes: Anne Marie opens with why she felt it was so important to talk about this issue and the current laws on youth vaping.

Guests talk about why they think vaping is so appealing and widespread among youth, and the reaction to this crisis among public safety officials, school administrators, health care professionals and students.

The discussion includes how students can vape on school campuses without detection and how school districts are working to address the issue. There is a large focus on the alarming health impacts of vaping on youth. Doctors from UC Davis Health and Kaiser Permanente share their medical expertise and insight on how and why youth are so severely affected by vaping. They also share their concerns and challenges of youth vaping as well as what they have seen and experienced in their health care systems. The series ends with three local high school students sharing their experiences and insight into why their peers vape.

Each episode ends with guests sharing what they think can and should be done to get youth to stop vaping and prevent new vapers as well as closing messages.

Resources: Kaiser Permanente’s “Don’t Buy the Lie” campaign is a yearly program that partners with high schools to have students come up with marketing materials for Kaiser’s teen focused anti-smoking campaigns. For more information, visit: https://kpdbtl.com/. #StoptheVape

The guests remain hopeful there will be an arrest made one day and the families will receive justice. They all believe the key to a break in the case is someone who knows something will finally say something… Kevin also believes someone who knows about the truck described as being at the scene of the shooting will also be central to identifying the shooter.

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