Episode 20 & 21: Hate Crimes Series: 1999 Summer of Hate Crimes Spree

Description: An examination of the 1999 hate crimes spree by the Williams Brothers with arson attacks on three Sacramento area Synagogues, the arson of a Sacramento abortion clinic and a double-murder in Shasta County. Guests talk through how these crimes were all linked and how the cases unfolded. Guests are US Attorney McGregor Scott, DA Anne Marie Schubert, Judge Steven Lapham Supervising Criminalist Faye Springer, Retired ATF Agent Nina Delgadillo.

Show Notes: Judge Lapham, Faye and Nina start by explaining the series of 1999 arsons, starting with the first incident including the locations and timeline. There were three arsons at Sacramento area Synagogues. There was also a Sacramento abortion clinic that was fire bombed about two weeks after those arsons.

They move on to the initial investigation and what was found at the arson crime scenes. They talk about what was immediately known or suspected when the crimes occurred. Faye gets into the evidence preserved at the crime scene and some of the forensic evidence and analysis involved in this case and how it contributed to the investigation of the arsons. US Attorney Scott then talks about the murders of a Shasta County couple, and the group discusses how the investigation into those murders started to connect with the Sacramento-area arson cases.

The group explains how and when the Williams brothers were initially arrested and on what charges to the building of the murder and arson charges/cases. They talk about what they learned about the Williams brothers over the course of the investigation into the murders and arsons.

They move on to talk about how and when the Shasta County double-murder case and the Sacramento County arson cases proceeded – from charged filed to final resolution of both cases.

The discussion closes with final thoughts and reflection about the Williams brother hate crime spree, and about the current and ongoing threat of hate crimes in our communities.

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