Episode 17: Online Child Sexual Predators: How Kids, Parents Can Be Internet, Social Media Smart (pt. 2)

Description: Learn about the latest cyber threats kids are up against today, and how to prevent them from becoming victims of online sexual predators.  Guests are Principal Criminal Attorney Leland Washington, Sheriff’s Detective Christie Hirota, and Scott Meyer from Folsom High School.

Show NotesChristie starts with providing a backdrop of the cyber threats kids and teens face and the magnitude of the problem.  She talks about different ways kids are targeted and contacted by predators, some common internet crimes against children and predator MOs.

Scott talks about experiences and issues he knows about involving kids and social media – whether at Folsom High or within the Folsom community.  He also addresses some obstacles he sees to changing dangerous online behavior.

Leland explains what the District Attorney’s Office is doing to help protect our youth from a difficult and pervasive public safety issue through an interactive internet and social media program called #iSMART (Internet, Social Media Awareness, Resources & Training).  Leland talks us through an iSMART presentation and what is unique about it.  Scott shares how the program has been received by students at his school and if he thinks it’s getting through to them.  Leland also provides his insight into the general response and engagement level from students at the various schools.

Leland, Scott and Christie discuss how and why they think this type of program helps students avoid becoming victims and the role of parents.  They present some of the newest social media apps out there and new user trends that can pose more danger. Christie shares some basic principles of what kids and parents should know to protect themselves.

They close with sharing what keeps them all motivated, hopeful and optimistic that the online world can be safer for everyone, especially for kids.

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