Episode 11: Investigative Genetic Genealogy: Revolutionizing the Fight Against Violent Crime

Description: DA Anne Marie Schubert leads a discussion on how using genetic genealogy in criminal cases has revolutionized fighting violent crime.  Topics include background on the first case to use this tool (Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist) to the general process, other successful cases across the nation, training other jurisdictions and implementing a best practices model.

Show Notes:  District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert gives background and her personal and professional history with the first case to use genetic genealogy in a criminal investigation – the Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker.

Termed by law enforcement as “Investigative Genetic Genealogy” (IGG), Lieutenant Kirk Campbell and Analyst Monica Czajkowski join the discussion to share what they initially thought about the idea of using genetic genealogy in a criminal investigation.  They then explain the general process of how to do IGG (from DNA evidence to tree building), how the core team (Team Justice) worked together and the learning curve involved.  Once a suspect is identified Kirk explains how traditional police work takes back over at that point to make sure they have the right suspect.

They talk about how since the Golden State Killer case, a number of jurisdictions across the nation have also successfully used IGG, proving IGG is a viable investigative tool.  Anne Marie talks about the importance of standards and a best practices model for jurisdictions using IGG.

Kirk and Monica explain the trainings they are conducting for law enforcement across the nation on how to do IGG as well as applying standards and best practices.   They describe the reaction and response from the agencies on this new tool, which in Anne Marie’s words gives them hope and provides relief to victims.   In addition to trainings, Kirk and Monica assist the FBI with other cases.

The conversation closes with the three reflecting on how they feel to have been part of a ground-breaking case and to be pioneers in investigative genetic genealogy.

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