Justice Journal

Each issue highlights different themes and subjects.  Features video articles with short text summaries as well as photo gallery to share how the office is working in the courtroom and in the community to protect, educate and engage citizens.

Justice Journal Podcast

Discusses public safety issues, interesting and notable cases as well as how the office is working in the courtroom and in the community to provide the highest level of public safety through prosecution, prevention and innovation.

Social Media Platforms

Follow us (@SacCountyDA) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for short videos of who we are, and what we do as well as case of interest updates, media advisories and other posts.  Also subscribe to our YouTube channel for additional videos.

Public Service Announcements

Highlight public safety issues that affect the community at large, by providing relevant and important information on how to keep our families safe and healthy.

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Please contact Media Officer Shelly Orio for:

  • Media inquiries (See Media Inquiry Protocols)

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  • Archive press releases prior to 2018

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