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6.24.19: Defendant Convicted for Attempted Murder in Elk Grove Shooting

Jamaal Gooding was convicted by a jury of attempted murder with premeditation and deliberation, and …

6.24.19: DA Schubert Announces Open Registration for Crime Lab Youth Shadow Days

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announces open registration for the 2nd Annual Crime Lab Youth…

6.18.19: Defendant Convicted for House Party Drive-By Shooting

Keyshawn Strickland was convicted by a jury of attempted murder with premeditation and deliberation,…

6.18.19: Defendant Convicted for Sexual Assault, Burglary in Curtis Park

Angel Burnett was convicted by a jury of assault to commit forcible sexual penetration during the co…

6.18.19: Golden State Killer Case Selected As 2019 DNA Hit Of The Year

Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs (GTH-GA) has announced that the Golden State Killer cas…

6.14.19: Defendant Convicted for Sexual Assault, False Imprisonment

Amit Bharth was convicted by a jury of two counts of forcible rape and assault by means of force lik…

6.13.19: Defendant Sentenced for Committing Sex Acts on a Child

The Honorable Gerrit Wood sentenced Darius Wells to 25 years to life in prison. On May 9, 2019, a j…

6.12.19: Defendant Convicted of Stabbing Wife to Death

Michael Williams was convicted by a jury of the first-degree murder of Tanganyika Williams. The jur…

6.4.19: DA Schubert Invites Organizations to Join a First-Of-Its-Kind “Youth & Community Connect” App

The soon-to-be-launched “Youth & Community Connect” app is a first-of-its-kind, community collaborat…

6.4.19: Defendant Sentenced for Barbershop Murder

The Honorable Geoffrey Goodman sentenced Dwayne Sullivan to 84 years to life in prison. On May 3, 2…

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