DATE: June 13, 2024

CASE: Vicente Beltran (Case #20FE011600)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Amanda Sanchez, Special Assault & Child Abuse Unit

On June 6, 2024, the Honorable Deborah Lobre sentenced Vicente Beltran to 15 years in state prison.  On May 8, 2024, Beltran pled to two counts of forcible lewd acts on a child and one count of forcible rape.  Beltran also admitted allegations of committing substantial sexual conduct against the victim and that the victim was particularly vulnerable.

Vicente Beltran was close with the victim’s family. He began forcefully sexually assaulting the victim in 2009 when she was approximately 10 years old. The forcible assaults continued throughout the victim’s childhood. The victim reported the assaults when she was 20 years old to protect her little sister, who was reaching the age the victim was when Beltran began assaulting her.