DATE: May 6, 2024

CASE: Christopher Dangelo Green (Case #22FE006536)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney John MacKenzie, Insurance Fraud Unit

On May 2, 2024, Christopher Dangelo Green pled no contest to felony insurance fraud.  The Honorable Satnam Rattu sentenced Green to 180 days county jail and 2 years formal probation and ordered $133,291.79 in restitution to the victim.

In 2021, Green reported he was injured while working as part of a road crew that repaved roadways.  There were no witnesses to the alleged accident.  Green gave conflicting reports about the incident and his injuries to his employer, medical providers, and insurance company.  Green’s co-workers reported he recently told them he needed money, and Green hoped he was involved in a “freak accident” at work so he could get paid out.  Two co-workers also reported Green asked them to hit him with a vehicle while at work so he could get money to help pay his debts, which they declined.

An investigation determined Green’s account of the accident was not true and he lied about being in constant pain and unable to work.  It was also discovered Green was working as a barber during this time. Surveillance of Green showed he was not being truthful to doctors about his physical activities and limitations. Green’s fraudulent workers’ compensation claim cost the employer and insurance company more than $130,000.

Workers’ compensation fraud not only has an immediate financial impact for the employer, but they will be required to pay increased premiums.  Fraudulent claims also delay medical care and financial assistance for workers who are legitimately injured.

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