DATE:  August 28, 2023

CASE:  Latravion McCockran (Case #22FE010387)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Megan Eixenberger, Major Crimes Unit

On August 8, 2023, Latravion McCockran pled to three counts of robbery as strike offenses, one count of grand theft person, two arming enhancements and four hate crime allegations.  The Honorable Carlton Davis sentenced McCockran to 8 years in state prison.  Restitution was ordered to all four victims.

McCockran and a juvenile came to Sacramento from Fairfield on multiple occasions to rob Asian females in South Sacramento.  The pair targeted victims as they left stores on Stockton Blvd and 65th Street.  McCockran was the driver in each of these incidents. The juvenile would get out of the vehicle, sometimes with a firearm, and take purses, cell phones, cash and other valuables from the victims by force.  The firearm was never recovered. On one occasion, McCockran followed the victim to her home and robbed her of her cell phone inside of her garage.

While investigating the case, detectives from the Sacramento Police Department discovered communication between McCockran and the juvenile indicating they were targeting Asian female victims due to racial bias.  The discovery of that critical evidence allowed the District Attorney’s Office to seek and obtain a conviction on the hate crime allegations in this case.