DATE: August 17, 2022

CASE: Christian Vasquez (Case #20FE019332)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Kevin Higgins, Community Prosecution Unit

The Honorable John Winn sentenced Christian Vasquez to 1 year and 4 months in prison after  Vasquez pled to two counts of felony vandalism.

Between September 2018 and September 2020, Vasquez committed a series of graffiti tags at multiple locations in Sacramento causing thousands of dollars in damage.  Sacramento police officers specialized in graffiti abatement caught Vasquez in the act of tagging with a moniker and located a number of tags with the same moniker name.  Further investigation uncovered additional tags by Vasquez in and around Sacramento, including downtown.

Vasquez was ordered to pay for the cost of cleaning up his graffiti and to stay away from downtown Sacramento. He is also prohibited from possessing any materials or tools used in tagging and from associating with known taggers.

The Sacramento Police Department, Downtown Sacramento Partnership and City of Sacramento Code Enforcement investigated this case.  This case demonstrates the ongoing investigative efforts to curtail the graffiti vandalism that defaces public and private property, which burdens the city, county and businesses with substantial clean-up costs.

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