CHARLIE RAMOS is wanted for the parental kidnapping of his 11-year-old son, Raziel Ramos, and his 15-year-old son, Ronin Ramos.

A felony arrest warrant was issued for Charlie Ramos in the Superior Court of Sacramento County.  It is alleged that Ramos abducted his sons and fled after the mother was granted custody of the boys.  Charlie, Raziel and Ronin Ramos were last seen on September 15, 2021, near the Circle K on Northgate Blvd., in Sacramento, California.  At this time, Charlie Ramos and his sons’ whereabouts are unknown.


(Old photo, now has short hair)

           CHARLIE RAMOS                                                                       RAZIEL RAMOS                                                              RONIN RAMOS

       Male Hispanic                                                                                 Male Hispanic/Caucasian                                       Male Hispanic/Caucasian

       Age: 44                                                                                               Age: 15                                                                              Age:  11

       Approx. 6’ & 180 lbs.                                                                  5’1” & 115 lbs.                                                                4’8” & 105 lbs.

       Black hair, butch haircut                                                          Brown Hair                                                                    Brown hair

       Brown eyes                                                                                      Hazel eyes                                                                       Hazel eyes

       Last known residence: Carmichael, CA

If you observe Charlie, Raziel, or Ronin Ramos, please call 911 immediately.

If you have information which relates to the case or the possible whereabouts of Charlie, Raziel, or Ronin Ramos, please call (916) 876-4911.