The Sacramento District Attorney’s Office was targeted last night by a domestic terrorist and anarchist organization- Sacramento Antifa.  This attack was planned.  This organization seeks to destroy public safety, dismantle law enforcement, and eliminate all social discourse. These anarchists have waged attacks across this country, in major urban cities, including Portland, Seattle and Denver.  Their tactics are rooted in organized violence and terror.

Contrary to the peaceful protest held earlier in the evening, Sacramento Antifa, along with outside Antifa groups, wreaked havoc on the Sacramento community, threatening media reporters and others, damaging many buildings, and trying to set a fire in the lobby of the District Attorney’s office.  They have threatened to do the same in the coming days.

The Sacramento District Attorney’s Office will prosecute anyone identified and arrested for these crimes to the full extent of the law.  We ask for the public’s help in identifying any of these anarchists.  In particular, we are seeking information on the individuals in the photo taken at Cesar Chavez Park.  At least one of these individuals is believed to have threatened a reporter to “break your fucking camera if you don’t back off.” – about 54 minutes into video.

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If anyone has information on the identity of the individuals in the photos or videos, please contact the District Attorney’s Office at