On June 2, 2020, the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office received 11 cases involving 14 arrestees for review and charging decisions related to acts of looting over the weekend. The results of our filing decisions are as follows:

  1. Two female adult suspects were observed inside the BevMo store on K Street, one wearing latex gloves, the other on probation. They fled when contacted by law enforcement. Both were charged with commercial burglary, looting, and resisting arrest.

  2. Following the looting of a Walgreens store on Mack Road, officers made a vehicle stop on a male adult fitting the description of a person seen on the store’s surveillance video. He was on searchable probation with numerous prior convictions. Officers located prescription pills stolen from the Walgreens. He was charged with looting and receiving stolen property.

  3. A male adult was charged with commercial burglary and looting after law enforcement officers caught him in the act of looting the CVS store on K Street.

  4. Two males and one female from Rancho Cordova were stopped in a vehicle after air patrol observed looting at a mini-mart. Property from the mini-mart and a shoe store that had also been ransacked was located in the vehicle. All three suspects were charged with commercial burglary, looting, and receiving stolen property.

  5. An adult male from Stockton was confronted by law enforcement inside a Target store on Fulton Avenue and fled on foot, dropping items along the way. He was charged with commercial burglary, looting and resisting arrest.

  6. An adult male was arrested after vandalizing two patrol cars with spray paint. He was charged with felony vandalism and rioting.

  7. An adult male was arrested and charged with commercial burglary and looting of the BevMo store at 17th and J Street.

  8. Officers were in the process of rescuing a motorist from her car, which was surrounded by an angry mob who had already slashed her tires and broken her windows. Several individuals in the crowd hurled bricks, bottles and other objects at the officers. One adult male from Clearlake was arrested and charged with felony assault on an officer and rioting after throwing a large clay pot at them.

  9. One case involving an arrest for looting was declined for charging due to insufficient evidence.

  10. Two cases were declined for charges while we await reports and/or further investigation.

The Sacramento District Attorney’s Office zealously supports every citizen’s right to lawfully exercise their first amendment right to protest, particularly in these painful times. At the same time, we will also zealously prosecute those who choose violence, looting or lawlessness over peaceful protest thereby creating a threat to public safety and the well-being of our community.

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