DATE: June 7, 2018

CASE: Steven Bradley (Case #83648)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Denise Halstead, Mental Health Litigation Unit

The Honorable Allen Sumner found true a petition of civil commitment against Steven Bradley as a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP).

In 1987, Bradley was convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault, including oral copulation, rape, sodomy, assault and kidnapping after he took the victim from Sacramento to Redwood City while assaulting her at knife point.  While released on his own recognizance and pending sentencing, Bradley came back to Sacramento and raped a woman with Cerebral Palsy.  In that case, he tied the victim up and put a pillow over her face while he committed the acts.  Bradley was sentenced to 53 years in state prison for the two cases.  Upon his review for parole, he was referred to the Department of State Hospitals for consideration as an SVP.  Two psychologists gave an opinion that Bradley had a mental diagnosis and because of this mental disorder he is likely to commit a sexually violent predatory offense if released to the community.

Deputy District Attorney Denise Halstead states, “The Court’s finding that Bradley is a Sexually Violent Predator will keep this dangerous sex offender out of our community and protects the people of Sacramento.”