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Consumer Tips

  • Avoid offers that seem “too good to be true.”
  • Check to see if the business has the required business licenses.
  • Ask the business for references of previous customers.
  • Contact the Better Business Bureau or local regulatory agencies to ascertain the number and nature of the complaints filed against the business.
  • Make sure warranties, guarantees, contracts and alterations to contracts are in writing and read them carefully.
  • Know the refund policy.
  • Do not be pressured into buying.
  • If you purchase a product and are making payments over time, be aware of and understand all finance and interest charges, monthly payments, applicable fees and the total cost.
  • Make sure the purchased price matches the advertised price.
  • Keep all receipts and documents of the transaction.
  • Keep an eye on all credit card transactions and retrieve the card promptly.
  • If a problem arises, try to resolve the dispute with the business. Utilize the chain of authority to bring about resolution.
  • In order to help preserve your rights, and to help avoid the "he said, she said" cycle, telephonic communications should be summarized and written in a letter to the business. Certifying the letter is a good idea.
  • If you cannot resolve the dispute, file a small claims action, retain a private attorney, contact a mediation organization, or file a complaint with the local consumer protection agency or the applicable regulatory agency.
  • Do not be afraid to hang up on any unsolicited telephone call.


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