Violation of Probation (VOP) Court

VOP Court is the result of a joint effort among the District Attorney, Superior Court, Probation, Public Defender, Conflict Criminal Defender and Sheriff’s Department to provide new options for prosecuting offenders currently on probation.  Launched in 2008, VOP Court is a unique, innovative, efficient and cost-effective way of relieving congested court calendars and reducing main jail overcrowding while holding probationers accountable for their criminal conduct.

Felony probationers who commit a new non-violent, non-serious offense qualify to participate in VOP Court and if found to be in violation of probation, the judge then sentences the offender to the same options available as if the offense was charged as a new case.  A VOP case is resolved with a court trial, not a jury trial and is typically resolved in an average of 13 days versus an average resolution time of 45 days for a new charge.   By reducing the number of court appearances and reducing the number of days the offender spends in jail, this program saved Sacramento County $12.6 million in its first two years.

VOP Court received the 2011 National Association of Counties Achievement Award, which recognizes county initiatives that improve government service delivery and cost efficiency.  It also received a 2012 California State Association of Counties Challenge Award, which recognizes innovative, effective and cost-saving ways to provide programs and services to citizens.