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Defendant FAQs

I was cited and released by the police. Can you tell me if your office filed charges against me?
Yes, please call (916) 874-6218 and we will provide you with that information.
I am a defendant in a case and I can’t seem to get in touch with my lawyer. Can I speak to your office?
All attorneys are governed by a code of ethics that prevents them from directly speaking to a person who is represented by an attorney. Therefore, any questions you have about your case must be answered by your own lawyer.
Can you help me clear up a felony warrant I have against me?
The District Attorney’s Office is prohibited by state law and the California State Bar Rules from providing legal assistance or advice to a defendant. The Public Defender provides legal assistance to individuals charged with a crime in state court who are financially unable to retain private counsel. You may retain private counsel to assist you. You may also contact the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office for advice about how to handle your felony warrant by calling (916) 874-6411 or visit their website at http://www.publicdefender.saccounty.net.
How do I go about getting my gun or property returned?
Please contact your attorney, not the District Attorney, for information.
How can I have my criminal record expunged?
Depending on the type of crime for which you were convicted and the sentence imposed by the judge, there are various procedures and forms that may be required before a judge will consider your request. The District Attorney’s Office does not initiate or handle expungement requests. The Sacramento County Public Defender’s website offers guidance about the request process here. An instruction sheet with links to the required forms are available on the Sacramento Superior Court’s website.
I am seeking a pardon from the Governor and I am required to notify the District Attorney's Office of my request for Executive Clemency. To whom and where do I mail my notice?
Please mail your notice to the following address:

Sacramento County District Attorney
ATTN: Request for Executive Clemency
901 G Street
Sacramento, CA 95814


DA´s Office Reception 916.874.6218
DA´s Victim/Witness 916.874.5701
DA´s Domestic Violence 916.874.6171
Sacramento Sheriff 916.874.5115
Sacramento Police 916.264.5471
Citrus Heights Police 916.727.5500
Elk Grove Police 916.714.5115
Folsom Police 916.355.7234
Galt Police 209.366.7000
Rancho Cordova Police 916.875.9600
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