District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert warns the public that rainbow fentanyl pills are now in the Sacramento community.  Law enforcement has recently made the first significant rainbow fentanyl fake M30 pill seizure in the Sacramento region.

These colorful fentanyl pills look exactly like Smarties candies, and they are designed to attract kids and teens.

With Halloween coming up, DA Schubert urges parents, guardians, educators and community leaders to talk to kids and teens about the fentanyl epidemic, how they’re being targeted with rainbow pills and how to avoid becoming a victim of fentanyl poisoning. Quick facts include:

  • Fentanyl is deadly: just a few grains can kill

  • Fentanyl is everywhere: fake pills, powders, party drugs, now rainbow pills disguised as candy

  • 99% of Oxycodone M30 pills seized and tested in Sacramento County contain fentanyl

  • It’s virtually impossible to tell if a pill, or any form of a drug, is fake and contains fentanyl

  • If a drug didn’t come from a pharmacy, assume it contains fentanyl

More information on the fentanyl epidemic and resources to help prevent fentanyl deaths can be found at 1pillcankillsac.com.