DATE: September 16, 2022

CASE: Christian Madrigal (Case #21FE012376)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Catrina Ranum, Adult Sexual Assault Prosecution Unit

The Honorable Allen Sumner sentenced Christian Madrigal to 7 years and 4 months in prison.  On May 20, 2022, a jury convicted Madrigal of assault with intent to rape and forcible digital penetration.

On April 13, 2015, the victim went out to celebrate her birthday with some friends. One of her friends was dating Christian Madrigal, who had just joined the City of Sacramento Fire Department.  After their night out, the victim, the victim’s friend who was dating Madrigal along with Madrigal went back to stay the night at Madrigal’s apartment.  While the victim was asleep on the couch, Madrigal forced himself on her and sexually assaulted her for several hours that night. The next morning, the victim reported the sexual assault to law enforcement and underwent a sexual assault examination.  In 2018, detectives reinitiated the investigation and interviewed all of the witnesses who were present on the night of the sexual assault and the District Attorney’s Crime Lab found that DNA on the victim’s underwear was consistent with Madrigal’s DNA.