Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced today that the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, joined the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office and 15 other California District Attorneys and City Attorneys, in a settlement with Copart for injunctive relief, civil penalties, and enforcement costs totaling $800,000.

After an investigation into the waste management practices of Copart, the prosecuting offices filed a civil complaint alleging Copart disposed of hazardous waste items into the trash. The items disposed of consisted of used office supplies, and items removed from vehicles being prepared for sale such as personal items, small electronics, personal care, automotive, and other consumer products.  These practices ultimately lead to hazardous waste being improperly transported to and disposed of in municipal landfills instead of authorized hazardous waste disposal facilities.

When contacted by prosecutors, Copart was cooperative with the investigation. Copart facilities have prepared and implemented new policies and procedures and enhanced their existing training programs designed to properly manage and dispose of all items that are regulated as hazardous waste.

The judgment agreed to by the parties provides for $650,000 in civil penalties, $150,000 in costs of enforcement and a permanent injunction prohibiting Copart from violating hazardous waste laws and requiring Copart to implement compliance assurance measures.