On December 22, 2021, detectives from the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office arrested 33-year-old Nicholas Wayne Sherman in connection with a series of hate crime related incidents in Carmichael between October 4th and October 20th, 2021.

Sherman was charged with one felony count of desecrating a religious symbol on the property of the Shalom Le Israel synagogue in Carmichael.  Sherman was charged with 12 additional misdemeanor counts of terrorism by symbol for placing Aryan Nation flyers containing a swastika on the doorsteps of numerous Carmichael homes, and one additional misdemeanor count of terrorism by symbol for placing similar flyers on the property of Deterding Elementary School in Carmichael.

The investigation was conducted by the Sheriff’s Bias Crimes Unit and will be prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Hate Crimes Unit.

“All crimes hurt not just the victim, but the entire community.  This is especially true of crimes motivated by hate”, said Sheriff Scott Jones.  “The Sacramento Sheriff’s Office—just like our community—has no tolerance for hate crimes of any kind, and they will be investigated to the fullest extent of our capability, and offenders will be identified and arrested.”

“Let me be very clear, hate crimes against a member of any group in our community is an assault on all of us and will not be tolerated,” said District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. “Those who target victims because of their race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, disability, gender or sexual orientation will be prosecuted by specially trained and experienced prosecutors. In addition to prosecuting hate crime offenses, my office works to educate the community on how to protect themselves and encourages them to report suspected hate crimes.”

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