District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert is alerting Sacramento County citizens about scammers/thieves attempting to obtain EDD money by registering fraudulent accounts with EDD.  Sacramento County residents have reported receiving letters from EDD claiming an account was opened in their name when in fact those citizens have never applied for EDD.

According to EDD, there has been a recent rise in the filing of false disability insurance claims.  These criminals seek to use stolen identities of individuals and medical and health providers to obtain benefits from EDD.

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert states, “It’s important to make our community aware of yet another attempt by criminals to steal taxpayer EDD funds from those who need really need it.  I hope by alerting the public, we can prevent victims of this newest scam and protect EDD dollars.”

Those who receive communications from EDD and suspect fraud, such as someone filing a claim or creating an account, may want to file a fraud report by visiting Ask EDD and selecting the “Report Fraud” category to complete the Fraud Reporting Form. Victims may also want to file an identity theft report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Information about how to combat fraud and guard against identity theft is available on the EDD’s Help Fight Fraud webpage.

For more details on this EDD fraud scam, see EDD’s press release- Employment Development Department Moves to Block New Disability Insurance Fraudsters (ca.gov).