DATE: October 12, 2021

CASE: Miguel Hernandez Rivera (Case #18FE011519)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Teal Ericson, Special Assault & Child Abuse Unit

Miguel Hernandez Rivera was convicted by a jury of 17 counts of child sexual assault charges, one count of arranging a meeting with a minor with sexual intent and two counts of annoying a child with sexual intent. The jury also found true allegations that Rivera was out on bail when he abused a second victim and that he sexually assaulted multiple child victims.

Rivera was a soccer coach when he met the 13-year-old male victim. Rivera befriended the victim and his family, gaining their trust. Over the course of 10 months, Rivera sexually assaulted the victim nearly every day and directed the victim text him explicit photos, which he did. When the victim’s mother discovered the photos, she reported it to law enforcement.  Rivera was arrested for these crimes and released from custody on bail.  While out on bail, Rivera sexually assaulted the 12-year-old son of his long-time family friends. The second victim disclosed the abuse to his mother, who reported it to law enforcement. Rivera was arrested again and remained in custody throughout the trial.

Rivera faces a maximum sentence of 41 years in prison.  Sentencing is set for October 28, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. in Department 10 before the Honorable Ernest Sawtelle.

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