District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announced today that Alexa Palubicki has been charged with two felony counts of filing a false police report.  The charges relate to an incident that occurred in Sacramento on July 11, 2020, while she was an officer with the Sacramento Police Department.

The Sacramento District Attorney’s Office worked with the Sacramento Police Department as the police department conducted an intensive and thorough investigation auditing all of Palubicki’s arrests and supplemental reports she submitted during the three years she worked as an officer with their agency.  They interviewed witnesses and reviewed footage from body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, and surveillance cameras.  The Sacramento Police Department alerted the District Attorney’s Office to any case in which discrepancies were noted between Palubicki’s reports and other evidence.  After review of the investigation, an arrest warrant was obtained and a criminal complaint charging two felony violations of California Penal Code section 118.1 was filed in the Sacramento Superior Court.

Any time a police officer falsifies a police report, it is an affront to justice and taken very seriously.  As prosecutors, we must proceed only on cases where the evidence is trustworthy and legally obtained.  We have the solemn duty to ensure that justice and fairness remain the touchstone of our criminal justice system.  To that end, immediately upon being notified of Palubicki’s conduct, the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office conducted an internal case audit to identify any pending cases we had filed in which she participated.  Cases in which her participation was material and necessary for prosecution have been dismissed.  In other cases where Palubicki participated in some manner but is not a necessary witness for trial, we have notified the defense of this investigation consistent with our ethical obligations. We are in the process of reviewing past cases in which Palubicki was involved and that have already resulted in a conviction to determine the appropriate remedy.

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