On April 9, 2021, agents from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, Employment Development Department, and California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation arrested 35-year-old Jamie Williams-Major in connection with an Employment Development Department (EDD) fraud scheme. Additionally, six other subjects who are currently in custody will face charges stemming from this scheme. Four of those subjects are in custody in Sacramento County, two of which are facing murder charges.  The other two are in custody with the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Several of the individuals involved have prior strike convictions including gang related crimes. Williams-Major was arrested at her place of employment. Investigators later served a search warrant at her residence on Laramie Lane in Sacramento County and discovered a significant amount of EDD paperwork belonging to fraudulent accounts and other fraudulent credit card evidence.  The suspects fraudulently obtained more than $250,000.  The two suspects currently housed by the California Department of Corrections will be transported to Sacramento to face charges along with Williams-Major and the four individuals in local custody.

“The circumstances of this investigation and arrest are unfortunately another example of what has become one of the most lucrative criminal enterprises in California’s history, EDD fraud,” said District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert.

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