DATE: October 2, 2020

CASE: Jackie Ray Burke (Case #18FE009949)

PROSECUTOR: Principal Criminal Attorney Hilary Bagley- Franzoia, Animal Cruelty Unit

The Honorable Patrick Marlette sentenced Jackie Ray Burke to 17 years in state prison after Burke pled to felony causing serious injury to a police canine.  Burke’s sentence was enhanced due to a prior strike conviction.

On May 19, 2018, Burke led officers on a vehicle pursuit which ended in a parking lot on Fair Oaks Boulevard in Carmichael.  After dozens of commands were ignored by Burke, non-lethal means of apprehension were prepared by sheriff’s deputies. When Burke finally exited the vehicle, deputies were not aware that he was holding a knife and concealing it behind his back.  K-9 Officer Jedi was deployed and Burke immediately stabbed Jedi in the face.  Jedi was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital suffering a laceration to his left eye area. Burke was apprehended after a brief struggle.

Jedi underwent surgery to repair his lacerated eyelid, which ultimately healed as well as a minor corneal laceration.  He is back in service with the Sheriff’s Office.  It was determined that Burke was under the influence of methamphetamine at the time of the incident.

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