DATE:  October 29, 2019

CASE:  Jose Leyva & Leticia Leyva (Case #19FE004862)

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Suzanne Salazar, Insurance Fraud Unit

The Honorable Michael Savage sentenced Jose Leyva to 90 days and Leticia Leyva to 60 days in county jail.  Both defendants were ordered to pay $9,277 in restitution.  On October 16, 2019, Jose Leyva pled to felony insurance fraud and Leticia Leyva pled to misdemeanor accessory after the fact.

Jose Leyva and his wife, Leticia Leyva, owned a car, which was being driven by their adult son.  Their son was driving the car in the middle of the night when he crossed over into the opposite traffic and hit a car head on. The collision caused serious bodily injury to the son’s passenger and the other driver as well as damage to both vehicles. Immediately following the crash, the son fled the scene on foot.  Soon after, he called and spoke to his father twice. When dispatch contacted Mr. and Mrs. Leyva to inquire about the vehicle, they claimed the car had been stolen. They also insisted that their son was home asleep.  The facts showed Mr. Leyva’s cellphone was tracked from his residence in Sacramento to the area of the collision in Woodland. Mr. and Mrs. Leyva then attempted to file a stolen vehicle report with law enforcement and continued to insist the car was stolen to their insurance company.