DATE:  August 16, 2019

CASE:  Carl Frazier (Case #17FE019812)

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Brad Ng

The Honorable Russell Hom sentenced Carl Frazier to 81 years to life in prison.  On July 19, 2019, a jury convicted Frazier of the first-degree murder of Karl Curtis.  The jury also found that Frazier personally used a deadly weapon in the commission of the murder.  The trial court found that Frazier had previously been convicted of four prior strike convictions for robbery and had served six previous terms in state prison.

In the early morning of October 23, 2017, Carl Frazier picked up the victim and the victim’s girlfriend from the AM/PM on Watt and Auburn Blvd.  After driving around looking for crack cocaine, Frazier obtained some crack from his residence and the three smoked it in the car.  When they were not able to get more crack, Frazier and the victim began to argue and fight.  Frazier stabbed the victim in the chest, which penetrated victim’s chest wall and went through his heart. The victim collapsed at the scene. After the stabbing, Frazier called 911 and refused to identify himself before fleeing the scene.  Officers located Frazier 20 minutes later after a neighbor saw Frazier flee and obtained his license plate.

Frazier’s criminal history also includes multiple felony convictions for burglary and drug possession.

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