DATE: September 20, 2018

CASE: Damion Boatman II & George Rodriguez (Case #17FE007269 & #18FE001447)

PROSECUTOR: Supervising Deputy District Attorney Hilary Bagley-Franzoia, Animal Cruelty Unit

Damion Boatman II was convicted by a jury of felony animal neglect and cruelty.  On December 30, 2016, a neighbor found an extremely emaciated female Pit Bull dog on her front porch.  The dog, Nyla, was so severely starved that the concerned citizen rushed her to an emergency veterinary hospital.  Nyla also suffered from severe ear infections, an eye infection, an oozing pressure sore and an extreme skin infection.  She was placed on a refeeding schedule for days and recovered more than 25 lbs. in 4 to 6 weeks.  A veterinarian from the City of Sacramento Front Street Shelter testified that Nyla would have succumbed within 2 weeks if she had not been found and treated.  Nyla appeared so emaciated and impaired that the good Samaritan did not recognize her as belonging to her neighbor.  Nyla eventually recovered and was adopted.  This case was solely investigated by the Front Street City of Sacramento Animal Shelter and their staff veterinarians.

Boatman is set for sentencing on October 24, 2018, in Department 40 before the Honorable Raoul Thorbourne.

Previously on August 12, 2018, George Rodriguez was convicted by a jury of felony malicious and intentional animal cruelty.  Two prior occupants of Rodriguez’s home testified that from January 2016 to January 17, 2018, Rodriguez engaged in systematic abuse of his animals by beating, whipping, punching and kicking his adult Pit Bull dog and young female German Shepherd puppy.  The animals were routinely tied to a tree during the abuse and had no means to escape Rodriguez’s extreme punishments.  The jury also heard that Rodriguez would laugh after setting off fire crackers near the heads of his dogs while they slept.  The animals were treated by shelter veterinary staff and have been adopted.  This case was investigated by the Sacramento Police Department and the Front Street City of Sacramento Animal Shelter.

Rodriguez is set for sentencing on October 12, 2018, in Department 19 before the Honorable Ernest Sawtelle.

Both defendants will be banned from possessing, owning, residing with, maintaining or carrying for any animal for 10 years.

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