DATE: August 17, 2018

CASE: Robert Gene McCormack (Case #16FE012920)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Omar Singh, Homicide Unit

The Honorable Pamela Smith-Stewart sentenced Robert Gene McCormack to 66 years to life in prison.  On July 26, 2018, a jury convicted McCormack of the second-degree murder of Kert Lackey and for being a felon in possession of a firearm.  The jury also found true the allegation that McCormack personally discharged a firearm causing death.  The Court found true that McCormack has a prior 1998 strike conviction for assault with a deadly weapon.

Robert McCormack and his girlfriend invited her ex-boyfriend, Kert Lackey, to their house for dinner.  That night, McCormack overheard a loud conversation between his girlfriend and Mr. Lackey.  McCormack struck Mr. Lackey twice in the head with an aluminum bat.  When Mr. Lackey attempted to fight back, McCormack barricaded himself in the house.  Mr. Lackey walked down the driveway toward his car, McCormack exited the house with a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun and shot Mr. Lackey seven times.  Mr. Lackey died immediately at the scene.