DATE: August 30, 2018

CASE:  Jared Evans (Case #17FE010141)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Bret Wasley, Adult Sexual Assault Prosecution Unit

Jared Evans was convicted by a jury of felony assault under the color of authority and misdemeanor sexual battery.

On April 1, 2017, the 19-year-old victim had a seizure and briefly stopped breathing.  Her family called 911.  The Sacramento Fire Department arrived on scene and transported her to a hospital. The responding crew consisted of Jared Evans, an intern and a driver.  While on duty in the back of the ambulance and supervising the intern, Evans made a comment about the victim’s breasts.  Moments later, Evans reached his hand into the victim’s shirt, pulled out her breast and showed it to the intern.  He put her breast back in her shirt and said to the intern, “Sorry bro, I had to.”  When Evans learned the victim was 19, he stated, “At least she’s legal.”  Once the intern reported what had happened, the Sacramento Fire Department Internal Affairs called the victim.  They quickly learned that even though she had just suffered a seizure, she could hear and feel what occurred.  She heard the comment about her breasts and felt her breast being touched.  She told her mother and cousin after the incident, but did not report it out of fear that no one would believe her.

Evans faces a maximum sentence of 3 years in county jail prison and will be required to register as a sex offender. Sentencing is set for October 5, 2018, in Department 38 before the Honorable Sharon Lueras.

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