District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announces Sacramento Together’s sting operation aimed at reducing the demand side of human trafficking by targeting sex buyers.

In June 2015, DA Schubert formed an unprecedented coalition of approximately 30 partner agencies and organizations to serve as a leading and collective voice against human trafficking.  Called “Sacramento Together,” the coalition includes Sacramento County and Yolo County District Attorney’s Office along with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, the Public Defender’s Office and Probation Department, local and state public agencies, schools, medical professionals and a number of community based service and advocacy organizations.

Sacramento Together is working on several fronts, including conducting “John” stings as well as partnering victim advocates with law enforcement during stings, so when victims are contacted their immediate needs are addressed.  Specialized collaborative courts have also been created, including RESET (REducing Sexually Exploited & Trafficked), which provides women arrested for sex work crimes free wrap around trauma based services, life skills, peer mentoring and an opportunity to expunge the criminal record for the offense.

As part of Sacramento Together, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department conducted a “John” sting operation on May 23, 2018, with participation from the Rancho Cordova and Sacramento Police Departments and Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office.  Prior to the sting, CASH (Community Against Sexual Harm) and a DA victim advocate talked to women on the stroll to offer them services and let them know about programs and support available to them.

Total Number of Arrests: 12

Types of Arrests: (9) soliciting for prostitution, (1) supervising or aiding a prostitute, (2) outstanding warrant.

Any adult female who was arrested for previous warrants issued by a court that required law enforcement to arrest her, were offered services at the scene from advocates.  They were also advised of the services and record expungement opportunities available to them at their court appearance.

Those convicted of soliciting another for prostitution or agreeing to engage in an act of prostitution, face a maximum penalty of 180 days in county jail, will be subject to search and seizure, and may be ordered to stay away from the involved locations or known “stroll” areas.

“I am proud of Sacramento Together’s commitment to making our region safer by ending human trafficking and rescuing victims,” states DA Anne Marie Schubert.  “We will continue to aggressively target and prosecute sex buyers, while providing immediate services and structured rehabilitation for children and young adults who have been trapped in a trafficking situation.”

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