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About Anne Marie Schubert

Anne Marie Schubert is a career prosecutor with 28 years of law enforcement experience.  As a Sacramento County prosecutor, she has sent some of the area’s most notorious and dangerous criminals – murderers, rapists and child molesters – to state prison.  One of Anne Marie’s passions is the pursuit of justice through DNA evidence and cold case prosecution.  She formed the Cold Case Prosecution Unit in 2002, and served as its first prosecutor.  Today, she is a nationally recognized forensic DNA expert.  Anne Marie has also created innovative community programs focused on helping children by combatting truancy, and honoring citizens who have helped to serve justice with the development of the Annual Outstanding Citizen Awards Ceremony.  During her career as a prosecutor, Anne Marie has been recognized by her peers with the Prosecutor of the Year Award and the POST ICI Instructor of the Year Award.  

Anne Marie was elected Sacramento County's District Attorney in 2014.  Since taking office in 2015, she has been committed to working both in the courtroom and in the community to provide the highest level of public safety through prosecution, prevention and innovation. 

One of her first priorities was to create the Community & Government Relations (CGR) Bureau.  CGR brings all of the office’s community related efforts under one umbrella to maximize reach, increase accessibility and communication between the office and citizens and allow for a greater positive impact across the county.  Under CGR, a number of new partnerships and innovative programs have been created to prevent crime, and to engage, educate and better the community.  These programs include:

Speakers Bureau— Matches DA staff with community groups and organizations wishing to learn more about various aspects of the criminal justice system.  Since 2015, more than 70 presentations have taken place.   

Citizens Academy— Participants receive an overview of the criminal justice system and engages in discussion and mutual learning about challenges and issues within the justice system.  Since 2002, there have been 18 graduating academies with a total of more than 970 participants.

Youth Academy— High school students learn about the criminal justice system, engage in communication with law enforcement concerning current issues that affect them, and explore possible career opportunities in public safety. Since 2015, 550 students have participated representing approximately 55 different schools.

Youth Criminal Justice Shadow Day— High school students job shadow professionals from various criminal justice agencies to get a first-hand look at the criminal justice process and the different roles within the system and explore the possible career options.  Since 2015, more than 270 students have participated from 53 different schools. 

#iSMART (Internet Social Media Awareness, Resources & Training) — Educates youth about the dangers, risks, and threats social media and the Internet poses for them today, and in the future. Since 2016, 4,000 middle and high school students have participated.

GIFT (Gun-violence Information for Teens) — Educates teens about the legal consequences of gun possession and gun related violence as well as encourages them to make positive choices.  In 2017, GIFT was presented more than 20 times. 

As a member of the organization Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, Anne Marie is also working alongside thousands of police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors and victims of violence to reduce crime by steering kids away from criminal activity and putting them on the path to productive lives.     

These community outreach, education and early intervention efforts remain a goal and priority for Anne Marie.  Under her leadership, the office will continue to create new partnerships with law enforcement, schools, businesses, community organizations and individual citizens to protect public safety and the quality of life for everyone who lives and works in the Sacramento region.    


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