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September 5, 2019, at 9:00 a.m. 
Ventura County Superior Court  - Department 13 
800 S. Victoria Ave, Ventura CA 93009

• A hearing is scheduled for public comment on the release of Sexually Violent Predator, Ross Wollschlager, into Sacramento County.  A Ventura County judge will consider placing Wollschlager at a location on Excelsior Road.

• Ross Wollschlager has NO TIES to Sacramento.

• Ross Wollschlager was convicted in Ventura in cases of:
  - Rape by Force
  - Rape by False Pretenses
  - Lewd & Lascivious Acts on a 10-year-old Child

• After serving his 13-year, 8-month sentence, a jury determined him to be a Sexually Violent Predator under the Welfare and Institutions Code §6604.

• If approved, Wollschlager would live in Sacramento County at an address on Excelsior Road. He would be monitored for one year, and then eligible for full release from supervision to live unmonitored in the community.


Members of the community can do the following to express their thoughts and concerns regarding the placement of this Sexually Violent Predator.
(click here for ideas to help with your comments to the judge)

1) Tell the Ventura Judge Why You Object in Person. If you would like to address the court in person, you must notify our office by email at to schedule a time.

Attend the Placement Hearing in Ventura:
When: September 5, 2019  at 9:00 a.m.
Where: Ventura County Superior Court Dept 13, 800 S. Victoria Ave, Ventura CA 93009

2) Write a Letter to the Ventura Judge (view sample letter):  

Send via email to: 

Send by mail to: Sacramento County District Attorney, ATTN: SVP - Wollschlager, 901 G Street, Sacramento CA 95814 

3) Be Active in the Community:

Spread the Word: Inform your friends, neighbors and social groups of this important hearing. Ask them to participate so that they too may voice their objections.

Share the Flyer: Download and share this flyer to inform your community - DOWNLOAD HERE.       

4) Learn More:  

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert's Opposition Letter

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones' Opposition Letter

Case Law: People v. Wollschlager

Megan’s Law 

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