Special Prosecutions / Consumer Unit

Red Flags

Beware of Callers Who:

  • Use high pressure sales tactics;
  • Insist on an immediate decision;
  • Request a credit card number or social security number;
  • Wants to send someone to your home to pick up the money or requests that you send payment via overnight delivery;
  • Make statements that something is "free" and then follows it by a requirement that you have to pay for something;
  • Will not provide references that you can contact or any written information about the product, service, charity or the business itself;
  • Ask many questions of a personal nature regarding your marital or financial status, social security number, date of birth, the makeup of your household, or your schedule or routine;
  • Ask you to withdraw or transfer from your bank account to their account;
  • Play on your emotions by telling you of personal hardships, crisis, or "bad luck"; or
  • Use a business name that sounds like a governmental agency.


DA´s Office Reception 916-874-6218
DA´s Victim/Witness 916-874-5701
DA´s Domestic Violence 916-874-6171
Sacramento Sheriff 916-874-5115
Sacramento Police 916-264-5471
Citrus Heights Police 916-727-5500
Elk Grove Police 916-714-5115
Folsom Police 916-355-7234
Galt Police 209-366-7000
Rancho Cordova Police 916-875-9600
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