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Defendant Convicted for Charges Stemming from Robbery

DATE:  September 1, 2017

CASE:  Anthony Perry (Case #14F00817)

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Matthew Moore, Career Criminal Prosecution Unit

Anthony Perry was convicted by a jury of kidnapping for robbery, two counts of first-degree residential robbery, second-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, and assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury.

In 1995, Perry was convicted of possession for sale of methamphetamine.  Based on his prior strike convictions, Perry was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.  In 2013, he was re-sentenced under Proposition 36 and released from prison.  Eight months later, Perry approached the female victim outside her home while wearing a mask.  After robbing the victim at gunpoint, Perry forced her inside her house and made her undress.  Perry tied the victim up and stole jewelry, cash, and other items from her room.  He then untied the victim and told her to get dressed because he was taking her with him. Once untied, the victim fled down the hallway and woke her father.  The victim’s father fought with Perry and tore off his mask, which was later analyzed by the District Attorney’s Crime Lab and found to contain Perry’s DNA.  Detectives searched Perry’s house and found the clothing he wore during the robbery, the replica firearm he used during the robbery, and a distinctive Russian toy car Perry took from the victim’s home.

Perry’s 32-year criminal history includes a 1985 first-degree residential robbery, a 1985 attempted first-degree burglary, a 1989 felon in possession of a firearm, and the 1995 possession for sale of methamphetamine. 

Perry faces a maximum sentence of 105 years to life in prison.  Sentencing is set for October 6, 2017, at 8:30 a.m. in Department 41 before the Honorable Helena Gweon. 


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