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Defendant Sentenced for Injuring Deputy During Vehicle Pursuit

DATE:  August 8, 2017

CASE:  Somephone Siacksorn (Case #16FE009419)

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Nicole Shaker, Vehicle Theft Unit

The Honorable Michael Kenny sentenced Somephone Siacksorn to 17 years and 4 months in prison.  On June 8, 2017, a jury convicted Siacksorn of recklessly evading officers causing serious bodily injury, recklessly evading officers, vehicle theft, and possession of a stolen vehicle.  

On May 11, 2016, sheriff’s deputies attempted to stop Somephone Siacksorn for driving a vehicle without plates.  Siacksorn fled, leading deputies on a chase through Oak Park while speeding and running stop signs.  The chase continued onto Highway 99 until Siacksorn exited on Broadway, where a deputy conducted a PIT maneuver.  Siacksorn lost control of the vehicle and ended up on a sidewalk.  The pursuing deputy also lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree.  The deputy sustained significant injuries during the crash.  After refusing to exit the vehicle, Siacksorn was able to restart the vehicle and led deputies on a second pursuit down Broadway and Martin Luther King Boulevard while running red lights.  Siacksorn turned onto 15th Avenue and jumped from the moving vehicle, causing it to crash into a parked vehicle.  Siacksorn then fled on foot, but was found hiding in a nearby backyard by a K9 unit. The vehicle Siacksorn was driving had recently been reported stolen and Siacksorn was on probation at the time of this crime.

At sentencing the Court found that Siacksorn had suffered several prior felony convictions including robbery with the use of a firearm, a strike offense.  


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