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Sacramento DA / Media / Press Release Archives / 2017 Press Release Archives / 8.29.17: Defendant Sentenced for Felony Auto Insurance Fraud

Defendant Sentenced for Felony Auto Insurance Fraud

DATE:  August 29, 2017

CASE:  Lurlene Bairfield (Case #17FE007584)

PROSECUTOR:  Supervising Deputy District Attorney Kelly Mulcahy, Insurance Fraud Unit

Lurlene Bairfield pled no contest to felony insurance fraud.  The Honorable Lawrence Brown sentenced Bairfield to 90 days county jail and 5 years formal probation.

Lurlene Bairfield’s husband was an excluded driver on her automobile insurance policy.  When her husband had an accident while driving her car, she reported to Anchor General that she was driving.  She also lied about how the accident occurred by stating another vehicle cut her off causing the accident.  In truth, it was her husband who lost control of the car and crossed over two lanes before crashing into the other car.

As part of her sentence, Bairfield was also ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $5,597 to Anchor General and $5,229 to the owners of the other vehicle involved.  


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