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National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month

"No child or adult should live in fear of being a victim of sexual or labor exploitation,” states District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert.  "I am proud of the work we are doing through the aggressive prosecution of exploiters, and collaborative programs that protect and prevent victims of human trafficking.”

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert recognizes January as National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month, and is committed to prosecuting those who force victims into the commercial sex trade while leading efforts to combat human sex and labor trafficking in the Sacramento region. 

In June 2015, DA Schubert announced an unprecedented partnership of roughly 30 agencies and organizations in the anti-human trafficking and exploitation coalition called “Sacramento Together.”  Partners include the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, the Public Defender’s Office, the Probation Department, local and state public agencies, and community based organizations.  One of the goals of Sacramento Together is to increase public awareness about human trafficking.

Cases like the Elk Grove Uber driver, who reported the sex trafficking of a minor by her exploiters, is an example of how public awareness aids in the intervention and prevention of human trafficking.

The District Attorney’s Office asks for the public’s help to combat these crimes. A call to 911 or to the national hotline (1-888-373-7888) can make the difference. 

Community awareness, education, and intervention efforts through the Sacramento Together coalition, specialized collaborative courts, and the Human Trafficking Task Force will remain a high priority for the District Attorney’s Office.

For more information on available resources for exploited victims, visit the Sacramento Together website, Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center website, Sacramento Rescue and Restore Coalition website, and the Grace City mobile app.

To request a speaker on human trafficking and other criminal justice related topics, visit  

The Human Trafficking Unit successfully prosecuted 17 human trafficking cases in 2016,
including the following:

Quoc Pham & Amro Farhat (Case #14F07793)
The minor victim was a runaway from Contra Costa County.  She came to Sacramento with a friend, who introduced her to Quoc Pham.  Pham forced her to work as a prostitute on the stroll.  He then introduced her to Amro Farhat.  Farhat took pictures of the victim to post on an online prostitution advertisement, and booked a hotel room so the victim could do dates. Pham was convicted of human trafficking, pimping a minor, and pandering a minor.  Farhat was convicted of pimping a minor, pandering a minor, two counts of oral copulation of a minor, child pornography, and unlawful sexual intercourse with a victim more than three years younger.   Pham was sentenced to 12 years state prison.  Farhat was sentenced to 8 years state prison.

Antoine Wells (Case #16FE013061)
The minor Victim was a runaway from a Modesto group home.  She met Antoine Wells through a dating app.  Wells brought the victim to Sacramento, took provocative photos of her, and posted the photos of her online.  The victim was paid to perform sex acts, and then gave the money to Wells.  Wells was convicted of pimping and admitted to his prior strike.  Wells was sentenced to 8 years in state prison.

Keishawn Bolton & Ashanay Franklin (Case #15F07648)
The minor victim was a run away from a group home in Sacramento.  Officers were contacted by the minor victim’s therapist, and found her at a hotel in Sacramento.  The victim told officers she was involved in prostitution, and that Ashanay Franklin picked her up from San Jose and brought her to Sacramento.  She stated both defendants told her what to charge and posted an online advertisement for her.  Franklin admitted meeting the victim at the group home and threatened that if she tried to leave, Bolton would beat her.  Bolton was convicted of pandering and admitted his prior strike.  Franklin was convicted of pimping.  Bolton was sentenced to 6 years in state prison.  Franklin was sentenced to 3 years in state prison.

Gerald Johnson, Delmar Reed & Alvin Perry (Case #14F05165)
Alvin Perry knew the victim from high school and sold her to his friend, Gerald Johnson.  Johnson and Delmar Reed then took the victim and other girls to work in Sacramento and Santa Cruz. The victim eventually escaped and called police. Johnson and Reed were convicted of pandering.  Perry was convicted of dissuading a victim or witness. Johnson and Reed were sentenced to 6 years in state prison. Perry was sentenced to 365 days in jail and probation.

Antoine Cunningham (Case #15F04906)
When Antoine Cunningham was contacted by law enforcement during a traffic stop, there were three minors in his car.  Two of the minors denied any involvement in prostitution.  The third minor admitted to being a prostitute, and that Cunningham booked hotel rooms and drove her to dates.  Cunningham was convicted of pimping and admitted to a prior strike.  He was sentenced to 6 years in state prison.

Dajohn Mac & Jayleen Scott (Case #16FE001272)
The victim met Jayleen Scott, a self-admitted pimp, on social media.  The victim agreed to work for Scott as an escort, but she did not believe she would have to perform sexual acts.  Scott and Dajohn Mac picked the victim up and brought her to Sacramento, where she worked as a prostitute. Scott kept all of her money and then both defendants took her to Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.  The victim worked during the road trip to pay for their travel.  Mac and Scott were convicted of pimping.  Both defendants were sentenced to 4 years in state prison.


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