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30-Year Career Criminal Sentenced for Attempted Murder

DATE:  August 12, 2016

CASE:  David Richard Cingcon  (Case Number: 15F00349)                   

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Sydne Christensen, Felony Prosecution Bureau

The Honorable Sharon Lueras sentenced David Richard Cingcon to 79 years to life in prison.  On May 5, 2016, a jury convicted Cingcon of attempted murder and also found true the allegations that he intentionally discharged a firearm causing great bodily injury and was a felon in possession of a firearm.  The Court also found that he had three prior ‘strike’ convictions involving serious and violent felonies, including one for assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim considered Cingcon a friend and regularly spent time at Cingcon’s house.  Cingcon accused the victim of stealing money from him. The victim denied the theft and assured the defendant that he would never steal from him.  Cingcon then pulled out a handgun, pressed it against the left side of the victim’s head and shot him. Cingcon fled the scene and left the victim in the house to die.  The bullet entered just below the victim’s temple and exited his back, fracturing three vertebrae, leaving bone fragments in the spinal canal, resulting in partial paralysis.  


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