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Sacramento DA / Media / Press Release Archives / 2016 Press Release Archives / 6.24.16: Defendant Convicted of Attempted Rape, Assault, Robbery of Elderly Woman

Defendant Convicted of Attempted Rape, Assault, Robbery of
Elderly Woman

DATE:  June 24, 2016

CASE:  Joseph McKeever

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Bruce Chang, Adult Sexual Assault Prosecution Unit

Joseph McKeever was convicted by a jury of attempted rape, assault to commit rape during the commission of a residential burglary, and home invasion robbery.  The jury also found true the crimes were committed against an elderly victim.

McKeever saw the 72-year-old victim walking her dog in the Foothill Farms area of Sacramento.  He followed the victim to her home and forced his way into her residence. When the victim tried to escape, McKeever punched her in the face, grabbed her arms, and threw her on the ground. McKeever then got on top of the victim, choked her, and sexually assaulted her.  McKeever also took $900 in cash from her purse.

When McKeever’s mother recognized a composite sketch she saw on the news as her son, she called the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department to report her son was the suspect.

McKeever faces a maximum potential sentence of 14 years to life in prison.  Sentencing is set for August 19, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. in Department 41 before the Honorable Helena Gweon.  


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