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Defendant Convicted for Fraudulent Insurance Claims on Harleys

DATE:  May 18, 2016

CASE:  Robert Porter

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Kelly Mulcahy, Insurance Fraud Unit

Forty-year-old Robert Porter pled no contest to felony insurance fraud based on his false claims filed for alleged damage and theft of parts from his Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

On three separate occasions, Porter claimed he parked one of his Harleys at a motorcycle event and when he returned to the bike, several after-market accessories had been removed and stolen. The insurance claims for all three incidents totaled more than $23,000. 

Investigators from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Auto Insurance Fraud Unit discovered that several of the receipts Porter presented to the insurance companies were forged. The after-market accessories were items that could be easily removed from the bikes and were the same items in each claim. Social media postings of Porter on his bikes disclosed that some of the damage/losses he claimed already existed at the time he filed his claims.

Porter was sentenced to serve 210 days in county jail, 5 years probation and ordered to pay restitution to the insurance companies.


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