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Defendant Sentenced to 10 Years for Felony Animal Cruelty

DATE:  April 18, 2016

CASE:  Alonzo Taylor

PROSECUTOR:  Deputy District Attorney Amy Holliday

The Honorable Michael Sweet sentenced Alonzo Taylor to 10 years in prison.  On March 17, 2016, a jury convicted Taylor of felony animal cruelty.  Taylor was also sentenced to an additional 16 months for a violation of probation heard concurrently with the jury trial.

On October 7, 2015, Elk Grove Police received two 911 calls reporting a dog being abused in a backyard.  One of the callers could not see what was happening due to trees blocking the way, but heard the sound of something being repeatedly hit and a dog crying.  Another neighbor heard the sound of crying and looked out an upstairs window into a neighboring backyard.  She saw Taylor holding a puppy completely off the ground by a leash that was around the puppy’s neck.  She also saw Taylor strike and kick the dog and repeatedly choke the puppy as she called 911.  An animal services officer located the puppy and Taylor.  The puppy had physical injuries and there was blood, a chain, and a leash in the area where the witness had seen Taylor abusing the puppy. 

The puppy was examined by a veterinarian who determined the puppy had been strangled and suffered a number of other injuries, including bruising in and around the ears, mouth, and muzzle, toenails that were missing or torn, abrasions on all pads as well as being underweight. 

Taylor has a prior strike conviction and four prior prison commitments.  His criminal history includes child molestation, child abuse, dissuading a witness, narcotics possession, vehicle theft, battery, and failing to register as a convicted sex offender. 


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