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Erin Hale Wanted For Parental Kidnapping

Erin Elizabeth Hale is wanted for the parental kidnapping of her 11-year-old son, Joshua Hale.  Erin Hale and her ex-husband were granted equal shared custody of their son by the Family Court.   

Erin Hale abducted her son on or about November 9, 2015, when she failed to return her son to his father after her visitation time.  Joshua has not returned to his school or home since that time.  A felony arrest warrant was issued for Erin Hale on December 3, 2015, in the Superior Court of Sacramento County.  She is charged with withholding or concealing a child in order to deprive lawful custodian of rights.  At this time, Erin Hale and her son’s whereabouts are unknown.

Erin and Joshua were last seen on February 17, 2016, in Cool, California.  The description of the vehicle in which they were observed was described as follows:

  • Full-size pick-up truck with a rounded front end, similar to a Dodge Ram
  • Possibly ’08 or newer
  • Color – champagne, light tan or silver
  • A partial license plate with the numbers 956288 included in the license number
  • Tool boxes on the bed and a lumber rack on top
 erin.jpg               joshua.jpg

ERIN HALE (aliases: Erin Moers, Erin Wallace)             JOSHUA HALE
Female White                                                                          Male White
Age: 50                                                                                     Age: 11
Approx. 5’5” & 150 lbs.                                                          Approx. 4’4” & 100 lbs.
Dirty blond shoulder length hair                                         Brown hair
Green eyes                                                                              Brown eyes
Last known residence: Woodland, CA

If you observe Erin or Joshua Hale, please call 911 immediately.

If you have information which relates to the case or the possible whereabouts of Erin or Joshua Hale, please call (916) 876-4911. 


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